Living-room concerts with millennial appeal

Posted on: December 6, 2016

“The smile that spread across my face a few seconds after the Zaffre Quartet began the rousing finale of Mozart’s String Quartet in G was the first hint that I’d stumbled onto something special,” writes Tamara Best in Sunday’s (12/4) New York Times. “I barely listen to classical music, so how did a live string quartet end up in my apartment on a Saturday night? As I scrolled through my Twitter feed last month, a tweet about Groupmuse caught my attention. Groupmuse specializes in what it calls ‘classical music house-party concerts.’ … Set up an event as a host, hire musicians from its site, invite friends and people who use the Groupmuse site, sit back and relax…. Each attendee contributes at least $10 to compensate the performers. Millennials are Groupmuse’s largest audience…. Groupmuse works because … the music comes right to you…. As my concert evening drew to a close and I cleared away the wine glasses, I was already thinking about hosting another Groupmuse. And who knows, maybe I’ll get dressed up and see a show at Lincoln Center or Carnegie Hall.”

Posted December 6, 2016