CM Artists and MKI Artists form new partnership

Posted on: December 8, 2016

Linda Marder of CM Artists and John Zion of MKI Artists have announced a new association between their firms. The partnership will enable the agencies, which provide representation and management services to conductors, soloists, and ensembles, to share resources and expand their ability to reach more presenting organizations and orchestras around the world. While maintaining separate rosters and co-promoting their current artists, CM Artists and MKI Artists will also add a limited number of new artists that will be represented on both rosters. The New York City-based CM Artists provides artist representation for classical artists including Stephen Hough, André Watts, Christian Tetzlaff, and Hans Graf. MKI Artists, based in Burlington, Vermont, was formerly known as Melvin Kaplan Inc., and represents musicians including Rachel Barton Pine, Christopher O’Riley, Orion Weiss, and several chamber ensembles.

Posted December 8, 2016