The Vienna Philharmonic gets a new wardrobe

Posted on: January 3, 2017

The Vienna Philharmonic is “getting its first change of clothes in decades—suits that can be worn by day or night with small variations,” writes Michael Cooper in Thursday’s (12/29) New York Times. “The orchestra will perform in its new 24-hour threads, which were designed by Vivienne Westwood and Andreas Kronthaler, for the first time at their annual New Year’s concert…. The orchestra, which is self-governing, did not make the change lightly: Andreas Grossbauer, its chairman, said that the sartorial question had been intensely debated…. The new suits—featuring black mohair and wool cutaway jackets … and black and white striped trousers—are intended to be worn with a silver vest and necktie during the day … or with a white vest and white bow tie in the evening. In the past the men in the orchestra had to wear completely different suits depending on when they were playing… Women are getting new suits, too: black jackets inspired by 18th-century frock coats with the collars removed, and black trousers. At night, they will be worn with black silk wrap tops, and during the day they will be worn with silver wrap tops…. The … new suits … are being called the Philharmonic Suit.”

Posted January 3, 2017