Chamber-music house concerts: not just for millennials

Posted on: January 5, 2017

“When classical musicians Paul and Janet Somers thought about moving to [New Jersey’s] rural southern Cumberland County about 10 years ago from a New York City suburb, they didn’t allow the dearth of high culture in the region to scare them off,” writes Jacqueline Urgo in Sunday’s (1/1) Philadelphia Inquirer. “Instead they decided to reinvigorate their favorite genre—chamber music—right here. Now on the cusp of 50 ‘house concerts’ later, the Somers and their Maurice River Music salon series seems to be more popular than ever…. Paul Somers, 74, a former music critic for the Star-Ledger … played classical piano and harpsichord professionally…. His wife, also 74, still plays the flute professionally.” In the Somers’ home, where concerts are performed, “What would be the home’s living room … houses only folding chairs to accommodate 30 to 40 people, a grand piano, and a harpsichord and enough additional space for a small cadre of musicians…. No tickets are sold, no admission is charged…. Attendees must register by telephone in advance.” Upcoming salon concerts include an April performance by the Bay-Atlantic String Quartet: Bay-Atlantic Symphony violinists Ruotao Mao and Nancy Jan, violist Ana Tsinadze, and cellist Elizabeth Mendoza.

Posted January 5, 2017