Miami Herald ends classical music coverage

Posted on: January 6, 2017

“As regular South Florida Classical Review readers know, since this website was launched in 2008 we have had a relationship with the Miami Herald wherein nearly all of the newspaper’s classical coverage was provided by SFCR,” writes Lawrence A. Johnson in Thursday’s (1/5) South Florida Classical Review. Johnson is SFCR’s founder and editor, and formerly was the Miami Herald’s classical music critic. “Last year the Herald began cutting back drastically on the number of articles and reviews they picked up from SFCR. At the beginning of this 2016-17 music season I was informed that due to space limitations and lack of freelance money, the Herald has decided to drop its classical music coverage entirely, and would not be carrying classical reviews from SFCR or any other source. Except for a preview about a New World Symphony chamber concert of Pulitzer Prize winners last fall, the Herald hasn’t run any classical articles or reviews for the past four months…. I’ve been told that the Herald’s allocation of freelance resources is now based almost entirely on how many website clicks an article receives…. I want to emphasize … that South Florida Classical Review is not going anywhere.”

Posted January 6, 2017