Debunking Beethoven myths at Paris museum exhibit

Posted on: January 10, 2017

“In the summer of 1812, Goethe and Beethoven were walking arm in arm through the streets of the Bohemian spa resort of Teplitz when their path was blocked by a gaggle of oncoming dukes and duchesses,” writes Stuart Jeffires in Monday’s (1/9) Guardian (London). “In Carl Rohling’s 1887 painting The Incident at Teplitz … in the foreground is Beethoven, barrelling towards us grumpily…. Only one problem: it probably didn’t happen…. It’s one of several anecdotes about Beethoven that are simultaneously celebrated and debunked in a scintillating exhibition in Paris [at the Philharmonie] called Ludwig Van: Le Mythe Beethoven…. The exhibition opens with a cacophony of Beethovens: a video mash-up of concert performances, Chuck Berry duckwalking through Roll Over Beethoven, the Fab Four in Help! singing Ode to Joy in a pub cellar to tame a tiger.… This is a vast multi-media celebration.… Le Mythe Beethoven deconstructs the myth and then puts it back together again.… In the exhibition’s final room, a few of us had our own silent disco through our audio guides…. I was savouring Daft Punk’s Technologic Sonata, a mashup of techno and Beethoven you can watch on YouTube.”

Posted January 10, 2017