Carnegie Hall’s 2017-18 season

Posted on: January 26, 2017

“Carnegie Hall announced their 2017–18 season Wednesday, with nine months full of the balance of expected pleasures and surprises that have been a trademark of their programming under Executive and Artistic Director Clive Gillinson,” reports George Grella in Wednesday’s (1/25) New York Classical Review. “The upcoming season is replete with concerts from some of the world’s finest orchestras and most accomplished soloists, along with Perspectives series from pianist Daniil Trifonov and violinist Janine Jensen.… Philip Glass will be in the Richard and Barbara Debs Composer’s Chair. Glass is a contemporary composer, of course, but his important early music ties in with Carnegie’s citywide festival, ‘The ‘60s: The Years that Changed America.’ ” Historian Robert A. Caro helped curate the festival. “December 8, the American Composers Orchestra will play the composer’s Violin Concerto No. 2, “The American Four Seasons” …  Carl St.Clair brings the Pacific Symphony to the hall on April 21, with Ravi Shankar’s Concerto No. 3 for Sitar, an excerpt from Glass’ Shankar-inspired Passages, and … The Passion of Ramakrishna…. In February, the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra will play La noche de los Mayas by Silvestre Revueltas, and two pieces by Glass.” Other U.S. orchestras include the Philadelphia Orchestra, Boston Symphony, Cleveland Orchestra, Chicago Symphony, and the MET Orchestra.

Posted January 26, 2017