New tips for musicians flying with instruments

Posted on: February 21, 2017

The League of American Orchestras has learned that Transportation Security Administration is using a new automated bin system at Newark, Chicago O’Hare, Los Angeles, and Atlanta airports. The League spoke with officials at Transportation Security Administration headquarters and is passing on the following tips for musicians who hand-carry their instruments when traveling by air:

Musical instruments may be screened through both TSA Precheck and regular TSA lanes that use the new automated bin system.

Each TSA Precheck and regular checkpoint will continue to have a non-automated conveyor belt screening lane, without bins.

If your musical instrument exceeds the size of the bins and fits through the standard conveyor belt x-ray machine, ask to be directed to that lane.

If your musical instrument exceeds the size of the conveyor belt x-ray machine, request hand-screening.

TSA is updating signage, direction, and coordination between TSA and airport employees on the automated lane procedures before the passenger enters the queue. TSA is also keeping in mind the needs of musicians and other passengers with oversized items as the automated bin procedures are implemented, and is reviewing its online guidance for musicians for any needed updates. The League will keep you posted as further information becomes available. Click here for more information.

Posted February 21, 2017