New report from Wallace: How arts organizations can attract millennials

Posted on: March 8, 2017

A new study from the Wallace Foundation examines millennial attitudes toward the performing arts—and offers clues to engaging this emerging audience. Building Millennial Audiences: Barriers and Opportunities synthesizes market research conducted by the 25 arts organizations in Wallace’s Building Audiences for Sustainability initiative (which includes several orchestras), as well as secondary literature. Audiences for major arts forms ranging from opera to ballet are aging, but it may be possible to change this scenario, the report suggests. Millennials—18- to 34-year-olds who have matured in a media landscape dramatically different from that of older generations—value many of the benefits the arts can offer. More effective communication of these benefits could help break the barriers to attending live performances and bring in these audiences. The report was written by Cindy Asen of Marketing Research Professionals, Inc. Read Building Millennial Audiences: Barriers and Opportunities for an analysis of the current landscape and ideas to help attract young people to the arts. And check out the current issue of Symphony magazine for a look at how some orchestras are attracting—and keeping—millennial audiences.

Posted March 8, 2017