Louisiana Phil’s twenty- and thirtysomething fans

Posted on: March 20, 2017

“Most jumped to their feet applauding” at the end of the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra’s March 16 performance of Lutoslawski’s Concerto for Cello and Orchestra, writes Kelley Crawford in Friday’s (3/17) Nolavie.com (New Orleans). “That is when I heard a voice yell out, ‘Yeah!’ from the right side of the balcony. It was a young man with long hair, red pants, and a giant smile.… I noticed that dotted among the … crowd were art patrons that looked to be in their thirties or younger…. A young woman with a pixie haircut and a jean jacket half covering a forearm tattoo … confessed … ‘I’m not resistant to classical music…. I just don’t really listen to it…. I thought that second piece [Lutoslawski’s ‘Concerto for Cello and Orchestra’] was creepy, and I really liked that,’ she said before explaining her love for horror films…. Her date … a thirty-three-year-old, self-employed, guitar playing male … was very happy with during the LPO’s performance at the Orpheum. In fact, with seats starting around $20, the LPO’s cost is on par with a night out at a jazz club and way below the ticket price on rock concerts that come through the city.”

Posted March 20, 2017