Pennsylvania’s York Symphony, on the upswing

Posted on: March 29, 2017

“The York Symphony Orchestra will be featured on the NPR music showcase program ‘From the Top with Host Christopher O’Riley’ on Saturday, April 15,” writes Junior Gonzalez in Tuesday’s (3/28) York Dispatch (York, PA). “ ‘York Symphony Orchestra has been making tremendous strides over the past few years,’ including regularly sold-out shows at the Strand, [Music Director Lawrence Golan] noted…. Golan said the NPR appearance gives the orchestra the ‘opportunity to have a nationwide audience see what we have to offer.’ … Four years ago … the orchestra performed to an average of 400 people in a venue with a capacity of 1,200…. In recent years, however, he noted the orchestra has had a resurgence in healthy patronage and sold-out shows. ‘We’re very happy,’ said Golan, who is finishing his third season as music director … Seven Valleys native Ben E. Detrick, a former member of the York Symphony Orchestra, is now a professional violinist living in Vienna, Austria. He will return to York for a solo performance of Bartók’s ‘Romanian Folk Dances’ with O’Riley at the piano’s helm during the event. He previously performed on the program back in 2002, when he was a freshman at Dallastown High School.”

Posted March 29, 2017