An opera about the Tinder dating app: on YouTube, in the theater, on TV

Posted on: March 30, 2017

“A company called Rainy Park Opera is creating operas for the internet,” reports Naomi Lewin in a story posted Tuesday (3/28) on NPR’s “All Things Considered.” Opera singer Scott Joiner “composed the music for and sings the lead in ‘Connection Lost: The Tinder Opera,’ an opera about a young man trying to connect through Tinder and failing.… [Filmmaker Adam] Taylor, who directed and wrote the screenplay, says that the entire 11-minute soundtrack was recorded first, and the video was shot to fit…. Heidi Waleson, the opera critic for The Wall Street Journal, says it ‘felt very millennial.’ … ‘The Tinder Opera’ is scored for 10 female singers, two male singers, a pair of pianos and a string quartet. Everyone volunteered their services, so the entire budget was just $2,000.… Opera Carolina in Charlotte, N.C., staged ‘The Tinder Opera’ this past fall. Next season, they’re doing it again as a double bill with the sequel: ‘The Bachelor Opera.’ … A month after ‘The Tinder Opera’ debuted online, the New York-based ensemble Experiments in Opera premiered five video works in a theater. And later this spring, a West Coast project called Vireo will release an episodic opera online and on public television.”

Posted March 30, 2017