Houston Symphony’s Beethoven “Fidelio,” with Phylicia Rashad as narrator

Posted on: March 31, 2017

“The Tony Award-winning and three-time Emmy-winning actress Phylicia Rashad returns to her hometown to perform with the Houston Symphony at Jones Hall on Friday and Saturday,” writes Joy Sewing in Thursday’s (3/30) Houston Chronicle (Texas). “Rashad will be the narrator for Beethoven’s politically charged opera ‘Fidelio.’ ” Included is a Q&A with Rashad. “Q: Why did you want to do this performance with the Houston Symphony? A: I grew up in Houston, and part of our activities as children was an annual trip to the music hall to hear the Houston Symphony play. That was a big deal. In fact, my brother conducted the Houston Symphony when he was 11. So to be invited … for this performance is quite an honor. Q: Did you ever go to Miller Outdoor Theatre? A: Oh, yes! We would go there to hear live music almost every night.… Q: There seems to be more ethnic diversity in TV and the arts. Are we in a good place now? A: Art is always transforming and always growing. That’s what makes it art. We are doing better, but we can do better. Much better.”

Posted March 31, 2017