Minnesota Orchestra’s renovated atrium, exceeding expectations

Posted on: April 11, 2017

“If you closed your eyes and listened to a jazz trio re-create Duke Ellington’s legendary ‘Money Jungle’ album on a winter evening, Orchestra Hall’s Target Atrium had enough of the right sounds to attract hipsters, youngsters and aficionados (even a tattoo or two) to a cathedral best known as the home of the Minnesota Orchestra,” writes Graydon Royce in Monday’s (4/10) Star Tribune (Minneapolis). “The atrium—part of a controversial 2012-13 remodeling project—has given the orchestra a new venue for music, events and rentals. Combined with the refurbished lobby, it has expanded the orchestra’s ability to make money, fund programs and push into different musical forms…. ‘Having control of your space just gives you so many more options,’ orchestra president Kevin Smith said…. ‘Last year’s income from concessions and rentals was $1.3 million [up from $640,000 prior to remodeling] and this year is on track to do that and maybe more.’ … Chamber groups perform there, and soloists with the orchestra do pre- and post-concert work. For Sommerfest, the atrium provides the orchestra three distinct venues (including Peavey Plaza) for programming.” Also discussed are the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s management of the Hollywood Bowl, and St. Paul’s Ordway Center, where the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra and Minnesota Opera both perform.

Posted April 11, 2017

In photo: The Minnesota Orchestra’s 2013 renovation of Orchestra Hall included enlarging the lobby and opening it to the city.