At Coachella, orchestral music joins hip-hop, indie rock, EDM acts

Posted on: April 17, 2017

“Coachella’s first weekend closed Sunday after the crowd of more than 100,000 people displayed a passionate embrace of a rainbow variety of musical genres,” writes Bruce Fessier in Sunday’s (4/16) Desert Sun (Palm Springs, CA). Performers included rap artist Kendrick Lamar, “English electro rock legends New Order, the popular French electronic duo, Justice, and EDM artist Marshmello … A crowd as big as Saturday’s star-studded hip-hop shows gathered for … classical and electronic music by the Oscar-winning composer Hans Zimmer.… Zimmer … brought a full orchestra to the Outdoor Theatre stage…. Also featuring a rock rhythm section, electronic programming and stunning visuals on the giant screen behind the orchestra, Zimmer went from movie themes to modern electronic music to full classical. The crowd devoured everything…. One thing about Coachella that hasn’t changed in the past decade: Audiences appreciate the whole spectrum of music…. Saturday, crowds went from manic love for hip-hop, including a record three guest appearances in one night with three different artists by the Georgia rap group Migos, to total enthrall for pop star Lady Gaga. Now, Coachella can say its audiences like orchestral music as much as Nine Inch Nails’ industrial sounds.”

Posted April 17, 2017