Boston Marathon documentary, with Boston Symphony Orchestra soundtrack, out this week

Posted on: April 18, 2017

“The score of ‘Boston—The Documentary’ is a character all of its own. It has been brought to life by composer Jeff Beal and the Boston Symphony Orchestra,” reads an unsigned report on Saturday (4/15) at TV station CBS Boston. The movie, directed by Jon Dunham, chronicles the Boston Marathon from 1897 to 2014 and is being shown in movie theaters this Wednesday, April 19. “ ‘Jon always had this vision that the Marathon is a big grand epic, you know, emotional journey and he always felt like he wanted an orchestral score,’ said Beal…. Beal recorded the score at Boston Symphony Hall in February with members of the BSO.  This is only the fourth movie score recorded by the BSO. ‘Boston’ now joins ‘Schindler’s List,’ ‘Saving Private Ryan,’ and ‘Mystic River’ on this short but impressive list…. ‘It’s really about the power of community, it’s the power of people coming together,’ … said Beal. It is especially meaningful for James Cooke, a violinist and Boston Marathoner. ‘It’s almost like reliving various times that I’ve watched the marathon and all very positive experiences. I think a tribute to the Marathon is a great thing,’ said Cooke.”

Posted April 18, 2017