Administrative: Cleveland Institute of Music

Posted on: April 21, 2017

The Cleveland Institute of Music has announced the appointment of JUDY IWATA BUNDRA to the new position of Chief Academic Officer and Dean of the Conservatory. Bundra begins her tenure on July 17, 2017. Bundra has spent nearly 30 years as an administrator at Chicago’s DePaul University School of Music, most recently as interim dean. At DePaul, she also served as associate dean for academic affairs, chair of the music education department, and has been on faculty since 1987. Bundra holds a PhD in music education from Northwestern University, where she also studied piano. She has published and presented at music and education conferences, with a focus on curriculum and assessment, music listening, and arts integration. Her current research explores the importance of student wellness in music schools, as well as the role of women in music higher education administration. Most recently, Bundra has assumed leadership positions within the National Association of Schools of Music. For over 25 years, she collaborated with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s community and education outreach programs, and works as a consultant for the Grant Park Orchestra Association’s community outreach efforts.

Posted April 21, 2017