London Symphony and hip hop group may re-enact “Simpsons” episode—live

Posted on: May 1, 2017

“The London Symphony Orchestra has said it would be keen to play Cypress Hill’s hit ‘Insane in the Brain’ in a collaboration with the hip hop artists—21 years after the two groups appeared on an episode of The Simpsons,” reads an unsigned article in Thursday’s (4/27) News & Star (U.K.). “The contrasting musical ensembles featured in a 1996 episode of the animated show, in which Homer joins the fictional travelling music festival Hullabalooza and a roadie asks the travelling bands if any of them have hired the London Symphony Orchestra. In the episode Cypress Hill agreed to hiring the musicians, asking them if they know ‘Insane in the Brain.’ More than two decades later [after a Cypress Hill tweet] … the orchestra replied on Twitter by repeating the line from the show, saying: ‘We mostly play classical … but we’ll give it a shot.’ This appeared to delight Cypress Hill, who tweeted back: ‘Let make something happen for real.’ … Fans expressed their excitement.… The orchestra replied: ‘We mostly know classical but we’ll give it a shot LOL. If this happens, that’ll have to be one of the tracks for sure.’ ”

Posted May 1, 2017