South Carolina’s Summerville Orchestra brings music to the library

Posted on: May 4, 2017

“There is something wonderful about orchestras occurring at Summerville Library,” writes Ellen E. Hyatt in Wednesday’s (5/3) Journal Scene (Summerville, S.C.). “There, on Wed., April 5, music emanated from the Westvaco Room during the first presentation in the series ‘Music at the Library.’ Wojciech Milewski, the Music Director of the Summerville Orchestra … [has a] unique and welcoming philosophy for conducting: playfulness paired with the serious intent of ‘connecting with the audience.’ His talk covered the origin of ‘orchestra’ (area housing the chorus in Greek drama); politics of the 17th century, the role of King Louis XIV, and 24 violins…. At the keyboard, he demonstrated how repetition of the opening notes in Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 build tension…. This first session was to dispel the audience of myths [that] classical music is for the ‘stuffy,’ ‘rich,’ and ‘elite.’ … [In] the next library program … ‘M’ stands for Myth-busting; next is ‘U’ for Understanding. Other letters to follow are ‘S’ (Simplifying), ‘I’ (Interacting), and ‘C’ (Creating).… Milewski appreciates the opportunity to reach audiences and ‘connect with purpose,’ not only while conducting the Summerville Orchestra but also by talking about it at our library.”

Posted May 4, 2017