Borda to Curtis grads: be “soldiers for music”

Posted on: May 16, 2017

“The three dozen or so singers, pianists, violinists and other musicians taking degrees from the Curtis Institute of Music were implored by an industry leader to become ‘soldiers for music,’ ” writes Peter Dobrin in Monday’s (5/15) Philadelphia Inquirer. “Deborah Borda, who leaves as president and CEO of the Los Angeles Philharmonic to take the same spot at the New York Philharmonic Sept. 15., told Saturday’s audience of students, parents, faculty, and guests that ‘everything I took for granted as a musician first and then managing America’s great orchestras has changed. Orchestras can no longer rely on old-fashioned subscription models,’ she said. ‘Music education is not guaranteed in public schools, and in a positive sense the entire history of classical music can all be streamed online for free. So the world I knew, and have worked in, and will continue to work in will not be the one you move through in your careers.’ … Most of all, she urged this audience … to figure out how music fits in with larger society.… ‘Together we have to forge a more profound and timely connection between our music, the music that we love, and the rest of the world,’ she said.”

Posted May 16, 2017