Cliburn Competition competitors, in their own words

Posted on: May 19, 2017

“Every four years, 30 of the world’s most talented pianists come to Fort Worth from all over the world. When they leave, they could have a career,” writes Courtney Ortega in Thursday’s (5/18) Fort Worth Star-Telegram (TX). “Thousands of hours of work and steely determination merely get them into the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition.… Once they arrive, the real pressure begins. The glare of the spotlight is on them to perform at their highest level for a jury who will vote yes or no. And if it’s yes, more pressure. More practice, more solo recitals, concertos, chamber music collaborations. Potentially, for 17 days. Potentially, for a gold medal. Potentially, for a shot to be a concert pianist. Why do they put themselves through it? Because, most of them say, music is their calling.” This year’s competition takes place from May 25 to June 10. Included in the article for each of the 30 competitors are “fun facts about them, how to follow them online or on social media, and what they say about themselves and their music-making.”

Posted May 19, 2017