Happy 40th birthday, “Star Wars” soundtrack

Posted on: May 26, 2017

Star Wars opened 40 years ago today—and pop culture was changed forever,” writes Anastasia Tsioulcas on Thursday (5/25) at National Public Radio. “Its epically scaled, lushly orchestrated score, written by John Williams and played by the London Symphony Orchestra, became a global touchstone in music. The LSO is celebrating the 40th anniversary of its most-famous recording with a [Web] page of goodies, including the attendance sheet for that first recording session.… Williams’ heroic music … has been heralded as a musical landmark…. The LSO tells the story of their involvement [in Star Wars] … in the orchestra’s official history, the 2003 book A Century of Triumph and Turbulence, written by Richard Morrison. According to Anthony Camden, the orchestra’s former oboist and chairman, he had a business meeting with then-principal conductor André Previn…. Camden suggested that Previn write a new film score…. Previn declined, but proposed that Camden get in touch with … John Williams…. Williams said that he was, in fact, just starting to work on a new score, but that ‘it wouldn’t interest the LSO because it was all “up in the universe.” ’ … The 1977 Star Wars soundtrack became one of the most famous pieces of recorded music in the 20th century.”

Posted May 26, 2017