One-year contract for Baltimore Symphony musicians, ratified before deadline

Posted on: June 5, 2017

“For the second year in a row, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra musicians have ratified a one-year contract with management three months before the old one expires,” writes Tim Smith in Friday’s (6/2) Baltimore Sun. “Like the agreement reached last year, the new one, which begins Sept. 11 and runs until Sept. 9, 2018, includes a pay raise. Minimum weekly scale will rise from $1,560 to $1,591.20…. ‘We will be doing a new strategic plan that will involve representatives of all stakeholders—board, musicians, staff and community leaders,’ said Peter Kjome, who became BSO president and CEO in February. ‘And this contract is a great opportunity to work together on that process. My sense is that next year we would work toward a multi-year agreement.’ Greg Mulligan, chair of the BSO Players Committee, said that the one-year contract ‘makes sense for us because Peter is still new and because we haven’t done a strategic plan in a while.’ … Starting about 15 years ago, salaries of BSO musicians took a series of hits during financial downturns… The process of regaining lost ground began with a three-year deal ratified in 2013…. The annual base salary in the new BSO contract will be $82,742.”

Posted June 5, 2017