Australian arts groups analyze ticket-sales data, with graduate computer students

Posted on: July 28, 2017

“The Adelaide Symphony Orchestra is one of Australia’s finest,” writes Renato Castello in Monday’s (7/24) Advertiser (Australia). “With thousands of performances—and 81 years of history—it has a strong grasp of what its audience wants. But in its quest for more sales, and to remain relevant for another 81 years, the organization turned to Carnegie Mellon University Australia [masters in Information Systems Management] student Yuhao He to kickstart a digital transformation to help it understand its supporter base and the factors influencing ticket sales. Ms. He … reviewed 10 years of finances and tickets sales data and developed a predictive model for future sales based on concert and artist type, supporter familiarity of conductors and repertoire, ticket price and time of year. ASO chief operating officer Guy Ross said Ms. He also identified factors that the ASO should collect, such as competing events and economic conditions, to determine their impact, if any, on ticket sales. ‘We work on a profit ratio of one to three of our concerts to help fund the shortfall on our core funding,’ [said Ross]…. ‘Yuhao has helped us to understand a different approach.’ Ms. He is among 25 CMU Australia masters students each year interned with South Australia firms.”

Posted July 28, 2017