U.K. survey: suggestions for improving classical music experience

Posted on: August 2, 2017

“The majority of respondents to a survey commissioned by Town Hall Symphony Hall Birmingham have said that classical music needs to make changes in order to assure its future,” reports Katy Wright in Tuesday’s (8/1) Classical Music magazine (London, U.K.). “Eighty-two per cent of 2,023 UK adults surveyed cited one or more changes which they felt would improve the current situation. Only 7% said that there were no challenges that faced classical music today. People aged under 25 were the most likely to say that the format and genre needed to change. 37% of under 25s surveyed stated that the genre needed to bring an end to elitist language and traditions, while 31% felt that more needed to be done in order to develop its appeal to a multi-cultural society and ethnic minorities. Over 55s were most likely to call for better classical music education in schools…. 16% of over 55s felt classical music is too often dumbed down: double the proportion of under 25s (8%). Forty per cent of UK adults felt concerts need to be performed outside concert halls.” The City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra is resident orchestra at Town Hall Symphony Hall Birmingham, which also presents a wide range of ensembles and musicians.

Posted August 2, 2017