New report from League on orchestras’ education and community engagement work reveals growth in activity

Posted on: August 16, 2017

Of and For the Community, a new report from the League of American Orchestras, details the growth of orchestras’ education and community engagement (EdCE) work and examines the purpose and scope of those activities. Of and For the Community reports on EdCE topics including programming, participant diversity, community partnerships, investments in professional development, and income and expenditure for EdCE concerts and events. The report is the first to investigate current field interests such as diversification of orchestra EdCE programming and artistic expenditures associated with this work. The report finds growth in the number of EdCE program participants, diversity of participants, school and community partnerships, and more. Almost two thirds of participants took place in orchestral EdCE programming free of charge, and 85% of all EdCE sessions took place outside of the concert hall.

Visit the League’s website for more information, and read the press release about the report here.

Click here to download Of and For the Community: The Education and Community Engagement Work of Orchestras free of charge.

Posted August 16, 2017