U.K. study spotlights the role impact of culture in community wellbeing

Posted on: August 25, 2017

“The importance of culture, sport and heritage organisations to local economies has been highlighted by a new Government-commissioned report,” writes Frances Richens in Tuesday’s (8/22) ArtsProfessional site (U.K.). “The ‘highly exploratory’ study concludes that culture and heritage are ‘important influencers of place-shaping,’ and can help attract and retain businesses both within and outside major urban centres.… Following a literature review and data collection exercise, researchers at Trends Business Research, NEF Consulting and Middlesex University created econometric models to investigate the culture, sport and heritage ecosystem in England from 2003 to 2013.… The findings demonstrate ‘positive and strong relationships’ between investment in culture, sport and heritage and positive economic impacts for local places, although the report notes that the precise mechanisms through which this influence is exerted require further investigation. The study focused on the role investment in culture, sport and heritage plays in ‘place-shaping’, which it defines as a ‘more holistic approach’ than placemaking, involving the use of creative powers and influence to promote the general wellbeing of a community. This includes better health, high amenity value, good job opportunities, high business performance, low crime, good educational attainment and community cohesion.” Read the study here.  

Posted August 25, 2017