Takeaways from League’s “Essentials” seminar by Western Piedmont Symphony’s executive director

Posted on: August 28, 2017

“Ingrid Keller believes in being a lifelong learner,” writes John Bailey in Friday’s (8/25) Hickory Daily Record (Hickory, N.C.). “Western Piedmont Symphony’s Executive Director Keller said, ‘I always stay up to date with the League of American Orchestras through their website, following their different threads that you can post on yourself and get feedback.’ This summer, Keller … [attended] the League’s 10-day Essentials of Orchestra Management program in Los Angeles…. The League seminar … explored the fundamentals of orchestra management as well as the changing nature of orchestras…. A key takeaway … for Keller was the discussion on diversity.… Keller said. ‘We’re not saying, “you’re so different so we want you to be part of this.” We’re saying we want to include everyone.’ … The Western Piedmont Symphony … last year … partnered with the Hickory Soup Kitchen … to allow those in the community who are economically disadvantaged to attend a concert. The symphony also partnered with Safe Harbor Rescue Mission.… On Sept. 16, there will be the [the orchestra’s] Legacy Gala: An Immersive Concert Experience at Moretz Mills, where audience members can purchase seats alongside members of the orchestra during the performance.”

Posted August 28, 2017

Ingrid Keller photo by Robert C. Reed