Despite losses from Hurricane Harvey, Houston Symphony musicians bring music to shelters, parks, and more

Posted on: September 12, 2017

“Like many other storm-battered citizens along the Texas coast, the Houston Symphony and its members are doing their best to bring relief to the decimated area the best way they know how: through the universal language of music,” writes Sam Byrd in Monday’s (9/11) Houston Press. “Some members of the Symphony have banded together to provide light entertainment for people looking for a reprieve from Harvey. ‘We’re among the many musicians who are out in many areas and playing in shelters and in places of need,’ … said [principal clarinet] Mark Nuccio…. Jones Hall, the home base of the arts group, sustained damage in its rehearsal rooms. Several shows and events were cancelled…. ‘Ten musicians lost their homes,’ … said Nuccio.… Several symphony musicians have answered the call for help … playing at shelters … according to Lauren Moore, operations manager for the Symphony…. ‘We’ve done at least 12 shelter visits,’ [Moore said] … The symphony will be based out of Rice University while Houston’s Theater District recovers.” For the League’s webpages offering resources on disaster preparedness and recovery, updates on orchestras affected by Hurricane Harvey, and how to help, click here.

Posted September 12, 2017

In photo: Post-Hurricane Harvey, Houston Symphony musicians perform in the parking lot of First United Methodist Church in Dickinson, Texas on September 7. The performance was the result of an effort between the symphony and the daughter of Principal Clarinet Mark Nuccio. She asked the owner of a pizzeria in Steamboat Springs, Colorado to deliver 1,000 pizza crusts, which were then cooked in a food truck donated by Satellite Pizza, providing a warm meal for up to 3,000 people—while the volunteer musicians played in the church’s parking lot.