Cleveland Institute of Music to lower tuition by 15 percent

Posted on: September 14, 2017

“The Cleveland Institute of Music will reduce tuition 15 percent to $40,000 for new students in 2018,” reports Karen Farkas in Thursday’s (9/14) Cleveland Plain Dealer. “The school joins several private colleges that have undergone what is called a tuition reset in recent years. It will not lower tuition for existing students. Tuition resets have occurred as the so-called sticker price and tuition discount rates edged higher, Inside Higher Ed reported.… Tuition is currently $47,200. The school has about 405 students, of which about 40 percent are graduate students. Although the reduction is only for incoming students they will likely pay the same tuition as current students because the new tuition will not be discounted as much as the current tuition, school officials said. ‘We have been discounting tuition already to the point that no student pays full tuition,’ said spokeswoman Amy Brondyke. ‘Rather than continue to make the discount we are resetting it to the appropriate level.’ … ‘Our Board of Trustees has done a tremendous amount of analysis, contemplation and strategic thinking so we are in an excellent position to address affordability, while keeping the needs of the students front and center,’ President and CEO Paul Hogle said.”

Posted September 14, 2017