For Muncie Symphony’s new concertmaster, a homecoming

Posted on: September 25, 2017

“When Noelle Tretick Gosling auditioned for the position of Muncie Symphony Orchestra concertmaster, she used her mother’s violin and her father’s bow,” writes Robin Gibson in Thursday’s (9/21) Star Press (Muncie, IN). “The instrument choice was a particularly fitting one, not just because she won the job, but also because her father, Sidney Tretick, was the orchestra’s concertmaster 1952-62, and her mother, Patricia Tretick, played with MSO for decades…. She grew up in a family of professional musicians, with a father who was head of the strings department at Ball State’s School of Music, and a mother who was on the music school faculty as well…. Gosling was only 2 years old when her father died in March 1962 at age 39 … but her mother remained in Muncie for decades after that, continuing to perform with MSO and other groups. All five of the Tretick children grew up to become professional musicians as well…. She won the job in a blind audition in January…. ‘I was thrilled to come back to Muncie,’ she said after a recent rehearsal…. Her mother … advised her on the audition pieces via Facetime before the concertmaster audition. ‘I still get nervous playing for her,’ Gosling noted.”

Posted September 25, 2017