Focus on injury prevention and recovery for musicians at Peabody/Johns Hopkins and Baltimore Symphony

Posted on: September 29, 2017

“Dr. Serap Bastepe-Gray, founding co-director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Music and Medicine that launched in 2015 … quit medicine to train as a classical guitarist at Peabody Conservatory when she faced an overuse injury in the mid-1990s,” writes Laura Jane Willoughby in Wednesday’s (9/27) Baltimore Sun. “At the time she couldn’t find any treatment. Instead, she designed her own rehabilitation program, recovered and finished her music degree. That experience led her to relaunch a medical career…. Bastepe-Gray [has] developed a program with Hopkins’ Neurology Department’s Dr. Alex Panteylat…. Now the Johns Hopkins Center for Music and Medicine is partnering with the Peabody Conservatory…. Earlier this month, the Peabody Conservatory launched a program to monitor and study all incoming instrumentalists…. Students will be screened for their playing postures and techniques, hearing and mental health…. Baltimore Symphony Orchestra’s President and CEO Peter Kjome was a professional oboist before a medical issue affected his playing and, eventually, forced his retirement in 1998…. The orchestra has expanded its health insurance benefits to cover acupuncture [and] massages to the orchestra’s musicians…. [Kjome] also points to a sick leave policy that allows ample time off for recovery.”

Posted September 29, 2017