Alexandria Symphony’s “Sympatico” education program focusing on new compositions

Posted on: November 6, 2017

“The Alexandria Symphony Orchestra’s music education program Sympatico is once again hard at work—in collaboration with John Adams Elementary School—composing new compositions,” reads an unsigned Friday (11/3) Fairfax Times (Virginia) article. “During the week of Nov. 6, students involved in the ASO Sympatico program will work in conjunction with outside teaching artists who specialize in music and composition to generate the program’s sixth work. Under the theme ‘You and Me, and I and We,’ students will … work on rhythm, melody, and use of instruments. All five of ASO Sympatico’s ensembles—XyloKids (Introductory Orff), The Mallet Machine (Intermediate Orff), Cantamos (Chorus), The Percussion Experience (Bucket band), and The Fiddle Factory (Strings)—are participating in the final performance of the work on Friday, Nov. 10…. ‘This workshop is one of our favorite events year after year,’ says ASO Sympatico Program Director Emily Smith. ‘It is wonderful to see our students having so many opportunities to create music that is meaningful to them.’ … Now in its fourth year of operation, ASO Sympatico is an award-winning, before- and after-school music education program that serves well over 100 students, Kindergarten through fifth grade, free of charge.”

Posted November 6, 2017