Seattle Symphony’s Simon Woods on leadership and innovation

Posted on: November 6, 2017

Seattle Symphony President and CEO Simon Woods discusses the ways that the orchestra is rethinking itself “as an organization that is forward thinking, innovative, and deeply engaged with its community” in an interview by Yitzi Weiner posted on Saturday’s (11/4) Huffington Post. “Q: What do you think makes the Seattle Symphony stand out? A: Seattle is a city of innovation; its companies have changed the way we think about travel, coffee, computers and shopping. So why shouldn’t its hometown orchestra change the way we think about what an orchestra can be? We’re constantly striving to answer the question of what we can do to make our art form alive for the next generation. We are like a museum—we curate the great works of Beethoven and Brahms just as the Metropolitan Museum curates its masterpieces by Rembrandt and Monet. But we have to be a contemporary art gallery and a street market at the same time—celebrating contemporary creativity and taking music to the widest possible audience.… The greatest music will always have something to say to each new generation of audiences who encounter it for the first time.”

Posted November 6, 2017