Zubin Mehta, 81, on longevity and touring with the Israel Philharmonic

Posted on: November 8, 2017

Zubin Mehta is “known to New Yorkers for his 13-year tenure (1978-1991) as music director of the New York Philharmonic,” writes Charles Passy in Tuesday’s (11/7) Wall Street Journal (subscription required). “But the 81-year-old Mr. Mehta, a native of Mumbai, has a much longer association with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra…. Mr. Mehta … has announced plans to step down from the Israel Philharmonic in 2019, which will mark his 50th year of involvement with the orchestra.… He is [currently] conducting the orchestra in a North American tour…. Q: What enables you to stay with an orchestra for so long? Mehta: It’s the daily breathing and communicating together that goes on…. Q: The Israel Philharmonic is more than an orchestra to a lot of people. Do you agree? Mehta: It’s because as an orchestra and as citizens of Israel, they have gone through a lot of crises. The Six Day War. The Yom Kippur War. Bombing from Gaza. They play under extreme conditions at times. Q: What do you miss about New York City? Mehta: The orchestra. I love them. I engaged more than 45 musicians during my 13-year tenure. And some of them are still there.”

Posted November 8, 2017