UC Davis revokes titles from music and orchestra professor as past assault allegations surface

Posted on: December 13, 2017

“D. Kern Holoman, the former longtime conductor of the University of California Davis Symphony Orchestra and music instructor, was stripped of his distinguished professor and emeritus titles Monday after allegations surfaced that he sexually assaulted a college freshman 30 years ago,” write Diana Lambert and Benjy Egel in Wednesday’s (12/13) Sacramento Bee (CA). “That student–Danny Gray–is now a 50-year-old UC Davis administrator who said Tuesday he decided to go public with his story as the #Metoo movement gained momentum this fall.… He accuses Holoman, 70, of inappropriate incidents that spanned four years, beginning in 1987 when Gray says he was sexually assaulted by the professor.… Holoman denied allegations of sexual assault without specifically addressing the incidents in a statement…. Holoman retired from UC Davis in 2013 as a music professor and having served as the symphony orchestra conductor for 30 years. As a student, Gray performed in the violin section of the symphony…. Gray said he complained to the university after the incident…. The university’s chief compliance officer, chief human resources officer and vice provost for academic affairs [are] to begin reviewing practices and systems involving sexual harassment records.”

Posted December 13, 2017