Arkansas Symphony’s holiday concert, with Christmas tunes, a Hanukkah medley, and local ensembles

Posted on: December 15, 2017

“This year’s ‘Home for the Holidays’ concert by the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra will feature a variety of musical selections—cozy Christmas favorites, classical tunes and a medley of Hanukkah songs,” writes Ginny Monk in Thursday’s (12/14) Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. “ ‘It’s just kind of a smattering of fun and familiar Christmas music featuring the orchestra,’ says Brandon Dorris, director of marketing for the orchestra. ‘And then we also have quite a few guests appearing onstage.’ … Philip Mann, in his fifth season as the music director, will conduct.… This is one of the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra’s largest performances. There will be 75 to 80 people onstage at a time. These numbers include … several singers; the orchestra performance will be supplemented by choral music from the Voices of Central Arkansas Children’s Choir and Praeclara, a professional adult chorus. Each ticket includes a pass to attend smaller performances that start about an hour before each show.… Friday’s extra performance will be from an ensemble called the Hornaments that will play Christmas carols.… The Academy Orchestra, an intermediate-level group of seventh- through 12th-graders, will play before Saturday’s show.”

Posted December 15, 2017