Reactions to federal tax plan on Main Street, PA

Posted on: December 22, 2017

“Say what you want about the Republican tax bill, but one thing is certain: there’s a lot of confusion about how it affects working class families,” writes Madasyn Czebiniak in Thursday’s (12/21) Valley News Dispatch (Pennsylvania). “So, what does that mean for Pennsylvanians? … We spoke with several Western Pennsylvanians to see how the bill would affect them, and what they thought about those effects.… Opinions on the tax bill from people outside the Greensburg post office ran the gamut from support to caution.… Ringing a bell for the Salvation Army red kettle, Endi Reindl said he’s concerned about the impact the tax bill will have on charitable giving and the nonprofit organizations that depend on such giving. The bill nearly doubles the standard deduction, leading some critics to predict that fewer people will itemize and that donations to charities will go down as a result. ‘My concern is that it does cut the incentives for charitable giving quite drastically,’ said Reindl, executive director of the Westmoreland Symphony Orchestra. The League of American Orchestras has expressed similar concerns, he said.”

Posted December 22, 2017