A program that seats executives in an orchestra—to learn collaboration and teamwork

Posted on: January 8, 2018

“A couple dozen freelance musicians … gathered, rehearsed for about an hour, and performed Haydn’s Symphony Number 44 flawlessly,” reports Paul Solman on Thursday’s (1/4) PBS Newshour. “How can a pop-up organization such as this function like a perfectly tuned machine, when so many organizations, including maybe yours, seem dysfunctional? … [Conductor Roger] Nierenberg [wondered] if there weren’t a lot musicians can teach businesspeople. And so, for over 20 years, he’s run the Music Paradigm, seating executives in an orchestra…. [Says Nierenberg] ‘What can you steal from this orchestra, transplant into your own life, thereby bringing greater success not only to yourself, but to all those who work with you?’ … [Recently] New York Presbyterian Hospital’s superstar chief residents were the target audience. … ‘We have tended to say, well, they’re going to do their own thing and then we will deal with all the other people in the hospital. It’s a big mistake,’ ” says hospital CEO Steve Irwin. Says Elizabeth Stephens, chief resident in cardiothoracic surgery, “I can do a great operation and send the patient to the ICU. And if the ICU is not on the same page as me, we can have some very disastrous outcomes.”

Posted January 8, 2018