Cincinnati’s concert:nova to perform “Your Brain on Music,” with MRI images

Posted on: April 4, 2018

“In 2009 the innovative chamber music ensemble concert:nova performed in darkness, followed by a discussion with a neurologist,” writes Anne Arenstein in Tuesday’s (4/3) CityBeat (Cincinnati). “Now, concert:nova is back for more, presenting a Your Brain on Music program Tuesday at the Woodward Theater and April 11 at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. This time, audiences will see MRI images of the players’ brains during the program and hear University of Cincinnati neuro-radiologist Lily Wang interpret what she sees. The MRIs were done in advance…. There will also be additional commentary from Todd Florin, a professor of emergency medicine at University of Cincinnati, Children’s Hospital physician and concert:nova board member.… The idea came about after Florin … read about and shared program information with Ixi Chen, concert:nova’s managing artistic director and clarinetist, about a two-day workshop on music and wellness last year in Washington, D.C.… Some of the brain imagery to be shown belongs to Ted Nelson, concert:nova co-artistic director and a cellist. ‘As I was going through the MRI, I listened to Bach’s first cello suite. Then they asked me to play the air cello. Apparently, different parts of my brain lit up,’ he says, grinning.”

Posted April 4, 2018