New conducting masterclass with Sarah Ioannides

Posted on: April 26, 2018

Sarah Ioannides, music director of Symphony Tacoma, will lead the first Cascade Conducting Master Class, June 25 to 29 at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington. The masterclass will feature principal musicians of Symphony Tacoma performing with the Cascade Conducting Orchestra in a four-day program that will focus on score analysis and baton technique and will offer more than seventeen hours of podium time with the Cascade Conducting Orchestra. The masterclass will include round-table discussions with Ioannides about the realities of working as a professional conductor: rehearsal technique, business and media aspects, and navigating the application and audition process for professional conducting positions. The Cascade Conducting workshop is a project of the Ballard Civic Orchestra, which offers concerts, classical music education, and other community activities, with an emphasis on Latinx cultural heritage, in diverse neighborhoods in the Seattle area. Click here for information, including fees and applications, about the workshop.

Posted April 26, 2018