Canton Symphony’s “Divergent Sounds”: classical meets hip-hop, folk, country, and more

Posted on: May 2, 2018

Ohio’s Canton Symphony Orchestra is launching a six-concert collaborative series called “Divergent Sounds,” pairing CSO musicians with local artists from different music genres. The first concert in the series will be “Hip Hop Meets the Symphony” on May 3, featuring the Akron-based group A-Minus. All concerts are co-presented with Ohio public radio station the Summit (91.3 FM) and take place at Foundation Hall in the Zimmermann Symphony Center in Canton. Other concerts planned through November include “Folk Meets the Symphony,” “Country Meets the Symphony,” “Big Love Meets the Symphony,” and “Gypsy Folk Meets the Symphony.” Tickets are $5, and admission is free with donation of a gently used musical instrument for the radio station’s “Marilyn Stroud Music Alive Program,” for which the station collects and repairs instruments to donate to children whose families cannot afford to buy an instrument.

Posted May 2, 2018