New four-year contract for Utah Symphony musicians, with pay raises

Posted on: June 7, 2018

“Utah Symphony | Utah Opera has signed a four-year agreement with the organization’s musicians, giving them pay raises through Aug. 31, 2022,” writes Scott Pierce in Wednesday’s (6/6) Salt Lake Tribune. “The agreement comes three months before the expiration of the current one-year contract and takes effect on Sept. 1. It will increase the musicians’ current base salary of $72,968 by 1.75 percent in the first year; 2.84 percent in the second year; and 3 percent in both the third and fourth years…. According to the organization, the new contract also includes ‘scheduling flexibility for films and education programming, opportunities for additional audience development, community outreach or special revenue-generating events through the donation of rehearsal and performance time at no extra cost; and increases to insurance coverage for string instruments.’ … Utah Symphony | Utah Opera president and CEO Paul Meecham said the agreement ‘will further the exhilarating artistic momentum of the last seven years … and sustain fiscal stability.’ He also thanked the federal mediators who helped hammer out the deal. Principal percussionist Keith Carrick, a member of the negotiations committee, said, …  ‘We believe the future of the Utah Symphony is bright.’ ”

Posted June 7, 2018