On the road: piano duo’s roving Concert Truck

Posted on: June 7, 2018

“Two young musicians are working hard to make [classical] music more available to new audiences,” reports Faiza Elmasry in Wednesday’s (6/6) Voice of America. Pianists Nick Luby and Susan Zhang “do this with the help of the Concert Truck, a vehicle that carries almost everything needed for a musical performance…. The two drive the truck to a farmers market in the city of Baltimore Maryland … and begin to perform.… Luby says people can listen to music almost anywhere because of wireless electronics. But … ‘when you listen to live music, there is energy that you just can’t get from a recording. It brings people together.’ … Zhang says the concert truck idea was Luby’s. ‘When he came to me with this idea, I thought he was a little crazy, but then I watched this movie, Chef. It’s about a chef who has a food truck and he travels across the country.’ … Reba Cornman was shopping at the farmers’ market when … ‘all of a sudden I heard Prokofiev’s Cinderella being performed on piano. It was extraordinary.’ … The Concert Truck has brought music to schools, children’s homes and homeless shelters.”

Posted June 7, 2018