Under discussion: updating New York Philharmonic’s dress code for musicians

Posted on: June 15, 2018

“Women can wear pants at … just about any workplace in America,” writes Michael Cooper in Thursday’s (6/14) New York Times. “But the New York Philharmonic … does not allow women to wear pants for formal evening concerts. That could soon change. The orchestra … has quietly been talking about modernizing its dress code…. The Philharmonic is also re-examining its rule requiring men to wear white ties and tails…. Julie Ann Giacobassi, an English horn player, wound up revolutionizing the dress code of the San Francisco Symphony in the 1980s [after] one of the keys of her instrument got stuck in the folds of her skirt…. San Francisco now gives women the option of wearing all-black dresses, long skirts or pantsuits, but also notes explicitly that ‘full dress “tails” may be worn.’ … Deborah Borda, the Philharmonic’s president and chief executive officer, said that some players approached her last fall to discuss updating the dress code. ‘It’s been a really good dialogue,’ she said…. The Philharmonic is still in the early stages of its discussions. ‘One thing is really clear: People in the orchestra want to remain dressy,’ said Fiona Simon, a violinist who has been a member since 1985..’ ”

Posted June 15, 2018