Solo trumpeter Alison Balsom, heading up U.K.’s Cheltenham festival

Posted on: July 5, 2018

“Alison Balsom has been a star trumpeter, perhaps the greatest classical trumpeter in the world, for 15 years,” writes Ivan Hewett in Monday’s (7/2) Daily Telegraph (U.K.). “But she also hasn’t forgotten … the fact that it was her state school that introduced her to music. And she’s determined to do her bit to ensure the next generation has the same opportunities. Which is one reason why this in-demand musician last year took on the directorship of the Cheltenham Music Festival…. ‘It has these deep roots in the community and it encourages young people to get involved,’ she says…. This year’s [festival] was programmed by her predecessor, Meurig Bowen. However, planning for next year is well under way…. ‘The opening weekend will focus very much on the centre of town, so that anyone who lives here will know that there is a festival going on,’ [she says]…. ‘The last weekend will be celebratory, like a giant party.’ Will she play herself? ‘… If it helps to bring about a commission for a big piece, then I will. But there will definitely be a big community opera on the final day, as I really want to get young people involved.’ ”

Posted July 5, 2018