New World Symphony’s community focus: Wallcast concerts, “Music for Animals,” “Transmuse,” and more

Posted on: July 13, 2018

The New World Symphony is “probably the most welcoming, forward- and outward-looking arts organization I’ve been fortunate enough to encounter,” writes Darryn King in Thursday’s (7/12) Community projects include Music Bites, where “classical music is paired to a three-course meal and optional wine pairing. In Music for Animals … musicians have performed for kenneled cats and dogs at Miami-Dade Animal Services. Transmuse [features] stories from members of the South Florida transgender community and music inspired by their words. The New World Symphony’s regular Pulse event is a collision of orchestral concert and nightclub, with DJs mingling with musicians…. But the centerpiece and recurring highlight of New World Symphony’s community engagement efforts is its Wallcast series: free-to-the-public, open-air concert simulcasts.… The atmosphere is communal and festive, the all-ages crowd casually and comfortably dressed … relaxed but attentive…. The technical quality of the experience is excellent…. About the Center’s projection wall, that vast canvas of a surface: What a perfect encapsulation of how important community engagement is to the New World Symphony—it’s integral to the architecture, … ‘allowing everybody—both the performers and the audience—to have the best experience,’ ” says Executive Vice President John Kieser.

Posted July 12, 2018