U.K.’s professional-musician organizations issue code to combat bullying, harassment, discrimination

Posted on: July 16, 2018

“The Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM) and the Musician’s Union (MU) …  have come together to release a Code of Practice to ‘tackle and prevent bullying, harassment, and discrimination in the music sector’ and are urging the entire music industry to support and adopt it,” writes Anthony Brown in Monday’s (7/16) MusicalAmerica.com (subscription required). “The Code states, in part: ‘We oppose bullying, harassment and discrimination and will not tolerate such behavior within our own organization and network. We are committed to playing our part in improving the working culture of the music sector…. We will take a proactive approach to improving the working culture of our own organization. We will encourage appropriate behavior within our own organization and in our network….’ The Code further calls for a reporting and review process that protects those bringing forward complaints, guaranteeing in part: ‘We will respect confidentiality where possible and aim to make the process of reporting clear, straightforward, and accessible. Reports of bullying, harassment or discrimination made to us will be taken seriously, handled sensitively, and with the complainant’s safety and wellbeing as our first priority. We will maintain a list of support services for use by those who have suffered harassment bullying or discrimination.’ ”

Posted July 16, 2018