National Symphony’s Noseda on recipe for inspiring orchestra musicians

Posted on: August 6, 2018

“Last year the National Symphony Orchestra hired Gianandrea Noseda, an Italian conductor, as its music director,” reads an unsigned Thursday (8/2) Economist article. “ ‘You have to make the musicians feel that they’re burning in their hearts and souls,’ [says Noseda]. The players, however, cannot simply be instructed to ignite. As Mr. Noseda points out, ‘you don’t get there through philosophy, but through rehearsals.’… A reputation for greatness attracts better musicians and larger audiences, plus invitations to perform at superior outside venues. All that results in more philanthropic giving… Mr. Noseda says [musicians] must feel as though they are performing the world premiere of, say, Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, rather than the millionth rendition … Above all, he wants the orchestra’s members to listen to one another…. It seems to be working. As his first season in Washington came to an end, a concert combining Bach with Luciano Berio … was well-attended, with a strikingly large contingent of 20- to 30-somethings. The orchestra played exquisitely. Gary Ginstling, the NSO’s executive director, says that since Mr. Noseda’s arrival, the NSO has attracted new board members and sizeable donations. Subscription sales are up—the first increase in a decade.”

Posted August 6, 2018