Learning from the pros at ASCAP’s film-scoring workshop

Posted on: August 7, 2018

“The scene, projected at the back of the Newman Scoring Stage on the Fox lot, was from a major Hollywood motion picture,” writes Tim Greiving in Saturday’s (8/4) Los Angeles Times. “The 64 musicians were the cream of the crop…. At the mixing boards was [veteran engineer] Armin Steiner.… There were 12 composers conducting their music—and these were the film and TV composers of tomorrow. It was the culmination of the ASCAP Film Scoring Workshop, now in its 30th year…. The 12 selected applicants spend a month in L.A. … Each attendee is assigned a scene from an existing film and given a week to write a piece of original score. They orchestrate the music, with insight they gain hearing from pro musicians, and work with established music editors on fitting the piece to film. They learn part preparation [and] meet with music supervisors, agents, concertmasters, studio executives and A-list composers…. For the busy professionals and in-demand players who contribute every year, it’s a matter of paying forward their success—but it’s also … ‘in the best interest of the musicians, the stages, everybody involved to meet and help these emerging composers,’ said [composer and program director Richard] Bellis.”

Posted August 7, 2018